Javascript URL Library

This Javascript library facilitates the easy construction and deconstruction of URL strings by breaking the URL into it’s various components. This library is capable or taking a URL as a string or using the current window.location and parsing it into a URL object. Any of the components of the URL can then easily be manipulated as required and the modified URL string can be retrieved. The manipulation of query string arguments is facilitated by the addArg and removeArg methods.

This library is available for use under the GPL.

The download for this library includes the Javascript code, a minified copy of the code, an HTML file containing examples and test cases and license information.

More information
Use the links below to find out more about this project:

  • Download: flqurl_1-0-0_beta.tar.gz or
  • Documentation
  • Code – 1.0.0 BETA
  • Change log
    1.0.0 – 31/12/2008 – Initial BETA release

    Known Issues
    There is one known issue with parsing a URL string that contains more than one “empty” array index for the same key in a query string. There is an example of this failure in the example.html file included in the download. We need to determine the best way of handling this.