Simple Adobe Air app

Discouraged by the lack of decent Tea Timers, I decided it was time to broaden my horizons and build one myself. What better way to learn Air?

I started by getting the Adobe Air SDK and reading through the Hello World tutorial. Its all pretty simple.

My xml:

My html/js:

Testing the app using the SDK compiler adl was great and the app did exactly what I needed it to do. But, when it came to packaging it as an air app I was almost pulling my hair out. The documentation sucks for using the SDK to sign and package .air files, so out of sheer frustration, I downloaded an entire 85MB IDE just so I could package my app. This was the only part of the entire process that I hated. Adobe definitely needs to work on this aspect of it, one of their articles explained how to do it by purchasing a $300 certificate. Not a great option.

Anyhoo, heres the code and the app.

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